Thanks to the presence of Viñedos Don Juan, Valle de Las Palmas has become a reference point in the Baja California wine industry while simultaneously expanding the Ruta del Vino, which in recent years has become one of the State’s main tourist attractions.

Listed below is some interesting data on Valle de Las Palmas:

Location:   Valle de Las Palmas is located 17.4 miles south of Tecate and 34.8 miles north of Valle de Guadalupe.

Its main access road is the Tecate-Ensenada Highway.

The geographic coordinates of Valle de Las Palmas are the following:
32° 22’ 33.68’’ N
116° 36’ 49.58’’ W
Above Mean Sea Level:  
Valle de Las Palmas is approximately 919 feet above mean sea level.
Climate:   The climate of this region is extreme and arid with temperatures reaching 107° F during the summer and 36° F below zero during the winter.
Soil:   The ground contains sand and is clay-like. Among the components that can be found in the subsoil (or substrata) are: sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, granite, magnesium, and potassium.
Precipitation:   Rainfall in this area is irregular with its peak coming during fall and winter.

The most current official data indicates that between the years of 1983 and 1998 the annual average precipitation in Valle de Las Palmas was 10.8-in (275.8 mm). During this same period of time, the highest and lowest annual precipitations were 23.3-in (593.6 mm) and 1.9-in (49.3 mm), respectively.


Source: Valle de Las Palmas Community Study prepared by Dr. Teresa González Castillo dated January 20, 2003.






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